The Way to Writing Essays

Posted: April 30, 2008 in Education

Essay writing builds on many of the skill you have already mastered in learning to write a paragraph, it is not much more difficult to write an essay; an essay is a group of paragraphs about a spesific subject. like a paragraph, an essay makes and supports one main point. However, the subject of an essay it too complex to be developed in a few sentences.  several paragraph are needed to support fully the main point of an essay. A typical essay contains five paragraph and more, but many other types of essay are longer or shorter, depending on their purpose. in this changes you we will learn the formula for a five-paragraph essay.

Tips to Learn

Although many essay do not fit into the five-paragraph formula, most essays follow some pettern of organization. the formula is simply a plan to help you arrange your ideas into a systematic order. it has a reconizable beginning, middle, and end. if you know how to write a typical five-oaragraph essay, you will always have something to fall back on.

Part of an essay

  1. Introduction (Background information, gets reader attentions using one or more of the following: Anecdotes, Quotations, Quations, Facts and statistic)
  2. Body, in this statement we will talk about three part of body because in boy usually has three or above statetment there are supporting paragraph with topic senetence.
  3. Conclusion, in this case you have to make final comments by doing one or more of following: restarting mains point, asking a queitions, suggesting a solution, making a recommendation and the making a prediction. 

please you try in your life, thanks alof of for attentions


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